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Appetite Care Pathway Template

Activity Action
AssessmentEvaluate and document appetite using self-report wherever possible (usually in children 8 years of age and older) and by asking guardians where not possible (for children 2-7 years of age).
Assess for secondary causes – can include medications and psychosocial factors.
PreventionProvide guidance about possible appetite changes during treatment and management options.
Possible center decision: Offer dietician consultation.
TreatmentTreat secondary causes if possible.
Review management options.
Consult dietician.
In instances of severe weight loss (decided in conjunction with dietician), may consider nasogastric, gastric, gastro-jejunal or parental supplemental nutrition.

Management Options

The following approaches were useful as reported by children and adolescents receiving chemotherapy. You may need to try different things.

  • Eat small portions frequently

  • Avoid flavours you don’t like

  • Try new foods

  • Keep hydrated